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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire Pc Game Downloads

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire
Platform: PC CD-ROM
Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Developer: Blue Byte
Players: Single player, Multiplayer

When you think of city-building game franchises, chances are pretty good that The Settlers isn't the first name that springs to mind. Although German developer Blue Byte may have been topping the charts in Europe with these sedate simulations of medieval life for nearly 15 years now, the series has never gained the stateside prestige of something like Sim City or even Caesar. But this second-rate status might be coming to an end with the latest addition to the line. The Settlers: Rise of an Empire is the most fulfilling game in the series, adding easy-to-play charisma to the usual Middle Ages economics and trimming much of the micromanagement that made playing past releases in the series as much fun as doing your homework.

Despite the aggressive subtitle, gameplay here compares more closely to building an ant farm than it does to building a real-time strategy empire. As with previous Settlers games, the focus of the solo campaign is a mix of stereotypical city building with traditional Age of Empires-like resource gathering and soldier recruitment. Most of your efforts continue to be centered on developing a medieval city, which means you spend virtually all of your time constructing resource-gathering huts, erecting castle walls or gates, and trading with neighboring villages.

The game features races from Medieval Europe (such as the Vikings), as well as Northern Africa. Like other games in The Settlers franchise the main objective is to create a flourishing community that is 100% self sufficient.

Female Settlers have been included for the first time (Unlike the Amazons in Settlers 3, these are "spouses" that are available for all races, not a specific race), adding a number of new gameplay features, such as Viking raids for women, and that Settlers now fall in love and marry (heavily influenced by the player in town celebrations and fairs). This added a new feature to the "God game" part of The Settlers.

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