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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Act Of War Direct Action + High Treason Free Downloads

Act of War: Direct Action + High Treason
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Eugen Systems

Perhaps the biggest impression that I was left after taking a test run with a portion of Atari’s upcoming Act of War: Direct Action was that I wouldn’t be surprised if Atari decided to enter into film or television production. Not only is the publisher large enough to pull off a move into other mediums, but apparently has the technology available to do so as evidenced here.

The story revolves around attacks around the world, particularly within the borders of the United States, by an organization looking to not only overthrow a few governments, but the current world order (a rather daunting task to be certain). Players will take on the role of… well, somebody’s got to go kick some ass!

The typical RTS conventions are present, but executed in a military style. This means that there are medivac helicopters, snipers, infantry units, air strikes, and more to utilize. The interface is fairly simple to use, and the ability to get down to the troop level is a great feature. It would have been nice however to be able to pull back and get a view of the whole field of battle. The camera stops at a point about ¼ of the way to pulling out to get an overall view. This needs to be remedied, pronto.

The difficulty also matches the realism. Troops entering an area of buildings held by enemy troops will need to find cover, call in artillery support. It took me quite a while to get through one mission – it is apparently essential to methodically go through and clear the area of all hidden troops. This means quite a bit of exploration, time, and what would at first appear to be wasted effort.
Act of War: Direct Action is going to be a difficult game, make no mistake. It isn’t going to be possible to simply overwhelm the opposing force with an unlimited number of generated troops. The game just won’t allow that. When you’re dealing with a game that will allow the White House to be destroyed, you better make sure that things are realistic, and realism comes at a cost.
I’m not going to go into the level of detail that is on the screen. You can look at screenshots all day and they just don’t convey how gorgeous the game actually is. Until you see the game running, actual in-game movement, you just won’t believe it. The demo is supposed to be available shortly. I highly recommend a download.




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